What We Have Accomplished

Sheep Hill from Bee Hill Road

Sheep Hill (Bee Hill View)

In terms of conserved land, the WRLF:

Owns over 560 acres in 14 parcels that are open to the public for hiking and recreation; 

Holds 12 Conservation Restrictions on over 280 acres; 

Maintains over 10 miles of area trails; and 

In cooperation with partner organizations and agencies and including the holdings noted above, the WRLF has preserved more than 3,500 acres of prime agricultural, forest and habitat lands including the Petersburg Pass Scenic Area, the Haley Farm on the Hopper that’s now part of the Mount Greylock Reservation, the Phelps Farm in South Williamstown, and our scenic and historic Sheep Hill headquarters.

In terms of educational programs and events, our move to Sheep Hill in 2003 made it possible to expand our offerings to the public. With the restoration of the two historic barns on the property, we are in the advanced planning stage for an Interpretive Center that will permit us to expand even further our program offerings for the community. In 2011 alone, we had over 100 participants in the slate of programs and events we made available to the public.